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SportvoedingWebshop.com biedt diverse producten waarin PeptoPro® verwerkt is. De merken Maxim, BORN en Multipower hebben PeptoPro® in hun sportvoedingsproducten verwerkt. Aan de hand van onderstaande afbeelding geven we je inzicht waarom PeptoPro® van topkwaliteit is.

PeptoPro® poeder is de nieuwste vorm van PeptoPro®, een zogenoemd caseïne hydrolaat (in stukjes geknipt eiwit) dat zorgt voor een snel herstel na een intensieve training. Na de succesvolle lancering van PeptoPro® tijdens de Olympische Spelen in Athene in 2004, heeft DSM hard gewerkt aan verdere verbetering van het product, dat resulteerde in deze poedervorm met een veel grotere stabiliteit.

PeptoPro® heeft twee functies; enerzijds stimuleert het transport van suikers in spierweefsel waar het omgezet wordt in glycogeen, een belangrijke energie voorraad voor de spieren. Anderzijds zorgt het voor de aanmaak van spiereiwit na het leveren van intensieve inspanning.


Eiwitten moeten worden 'afgebroken' alvorens ze goed geabsorbeerd kunnen worden door het lichaam. Door de vertakte vorm van eiwitten (die zijn opgebouwd uit Aminozuren) is de opname capaciteit hoger dan bij een 'standaard' product.

Maxim sportvoeding PeptoPro hersteldrank (recovery drink van o.a. Ajax, Twente en AZ)

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BORN Sportvoeding Carbo Superior PeptoPro & Protein Superior PeptoPro


Multipower sportvoeding Carbo Gel (orange & lemon)

Multipower Carbo gel orangeMultipower Carbo gel Lemon 

Multipower Sportvoeding Recharge drink herstelshake

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Performance sportvoeding Recup Extra herstelshake

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What is PeptoPro®?
PeptoPro® is a protein hydrolysate derived from the casein protein fraction of cow’s milk. It consists of ~85% protein. The protein is rich in small peptides; ~60% is smaller than 500 Dalton. Molecular mapping indicates that ~7.5% is free amino acids, ~8.5% is dipeptides, and ~39% is tripeptides.

How is PeptoPro® produced?
PeptoPro® is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of sodium caseinate. Two food-grade enzymes are used of which one is exclusively developed to reduce bitterness. After hydrolysis, the solution is heat treated such that all enzymes are irreversibly inactivated. The solution is then concentrated and spray dried. All processing conditions are controlled in order to accommodate optimal enzyme action and to prevent bacterial contamination and outgrowth during the process.

Is PeptoPro® safe?
Yes. Proteins are a normal part of the diet. In the gastro-intestinal tract, proteins are cut into small peptides by enzymes, just as PeptoPro® is cut into small peptides by enzymes during the manufacturing process. The enzymes are food-grade and safe. Casein hydrolysates have been used for decades in hypoallergenic infant formulae and sport drinks. They are Generally Recognized as Safe in the USA (FDA-GRAS list section 184.1).

Which nutritional claims can be made for PeptoPro®?
For claims in the EU, an Article 13.1 dossier (2006/1924/EC) for claim registration in foods has been submitted containing the following claims:

  • Accelerates recovery from exercise

  • Helps faster recovery

  • Helps enhance endurance

  • Increases the time to fatigue during exercise

  • Helps better performance

  • Helps to increase physical performance

In the USA, Structure/Function claims for PeptoPro® in consumer products are based on existing, FDA-approved claims for comparable ingredients:

  • PeptoPro® as pre-digested protein is a recovery ingredient for fast muscle refueling

  • The Protein in PeptoPro® aids the body in supplying longer lasting energy

  • PeptoPro® protein helps an athlete recover faster after a period of exercise.

  • PeptoPro® offers all the biological benefits of natural milk protein without the side effects associated with consumption of lactose. Provides nutritional support for muscles during times of strenuous activity

  • PeptoPro® for Fast Muscle Refueling

  • The protein in PeptoPro® encourages muscle recovery and repair


How does PeptoPro® work?
PeptoPro® improves endurance, accelerates recovery and reduces muscle soreness resulting in better physical performance. The biological activity resides in the fact that PeptoPro® mainly consists of di- and tripeptides, which are easily and rapidly absorbed. This results, on one hand, in a fast supply of amino acid building blocks flipping the negative protein balance during exercise into a positive one and increasing muscle protein synthesis. On the other hand, rapid absorption of amino acids leads to an increase in insulin secretion after exercise, resulting in replenishment of glycogen energy stores in the muscle cells.

What is the active ingredient in PeptoPro®?
There is no single active ingredient in PeptoPro®. PeptoPro® delivers a complete balanced mix of all necessary amino acids required for muscle protein building. The uniqueness of PeptoPro® is its very high rate of amino acid delivery to the body.

When do you have to take PeptoPro®?
PeptoPro® can be taken prior to exercise (e.g. as 350-500 ml of a 1% protein drink) to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.
PeptoPro® can be taken during exercise (e.g. regularly sipping a 1-2% protein drink) to reduce the muscle protein breakdown that normally occurs during exercise, and to increase its synthesis.
PeptoPro® can be taken directly after exercise (e.g. as 350-500 ml of a 2-4% protein drink) to rapidly restore muscle glycogen stores as well as enhance muscle protein synthesis.

What are the minimum and maximum dosages?
There is scientific evidence for significant beneficial effect on performance at a minimal dose of 18 grams of PeptoPro®. Lower dosages will probably also work but have not been tested in our studies.
There is no maximum dose, but PeptoPro® is a protein and it is generally recommended not to exceed daily protein intake of 1 g/kg/day. However, most people in Western countries actually consume more, and protein requirement also increases upon heavy physical training.

Is PeptoPro® only beneficial for professional sportsmen?
No, PeptoPro® can be beneficial for all active inividuals. PeptoPro® can reduce muscle ache even in those who are not used to physical activity at all.

PeptoPro® stimulates insulin secretion. Is it safe for people with Diabetes?
Yes. PeptoPro® as such can even be beneficial as it has been shown that casein hydrolysates also increase insulin secretion in people suffering from Diabetes type 2, resulting in the advantageous lowering of plasma glucose levels. Interestingly, it has been shown that PeptoPro® even stimulates muscle protein synthesis in the absence of added sugars. However, when standard premixes of PeptoPro® are combined with significant amounts of sugar, Diabetics should be aware of the sugar content in the product.

Does PeptoPro® work better than intact casein?
Yes, for several reasons. First, PeptoPro® can be more easily formulated in clear drinks than intact protein. Second, PeptoPro® quenches thirst better than intact protein. Third, PeptoPro® causes less gastro-intestinal discomfort (‘full stomach’) during exercise than does intact protein. Fourth, amino acids from a hydrolysate are absorbed faster than those from an intact protein.

Does PeptoPro® work better than other hydrolysed proteins?
Yes, for several reasons. First, the protein quality (amino acid profile and digestibility) of casein is better than that of most other protein sources, including soy, wheat, corn or gelatin. This is an important factor in stimulating muscle protein synthesis, which depends on supply of all 20 amino acids. Second, in contrast to many other protein hydrolysates, PeptoPro® is extensively hydrolysed. It therefore contains mainly very small peptides (di- and tripeptides) that are absorbed without energy loss as they do not require additional digestion. Third, PeptoPro® is generated by use of a unique debittering enzyme, resulting in a less bitter taste that other protein hydrolysates. And fourth, there is a growing body of scientific evidence proving the efficacy of PeptoPro® in humans, which is an increasingly strict regulatory requirement for making claims about products.

What scientific studies have been done on PeptoPro®?
Many studies have been done to investigate the effect of PeptoPro® on endurance, muscle protein synthesis, and performance in sportsmen. Also some studies have investigated the mode of action of PeptoPro®.

Is PeptoPro® lactose-free?
No, but the lactose content is very low; < 0.5%

Is PeptoPro® Kosher and Halal?
Yes, PeptoPro® is OU Kosher and Halal.

What is the taste of PeptoPro®?
PeptoPro® tastes slightly bitter and sour when the powder is dissolved in water.

Can PeptoPro® be heat-treated?
Yes, the active components of PeptoPro® are heat-stable, but heat treatment can influence the taste (and browning) of PeptoPro®.

What are the possible conservation methods when using PeptoPro®?
The addition of preservatives and lowering of pH can be potential preservation options, e.g. ready to drink formulations, depending to the level and type/concentration (e.g. pH <4; Sorbic acid). Many preservatives will not only inhibit growth but even (partly) kill-off contaminants.

Does PeptoPro® dissolve easily in a matrix of other ingredients?
PeptoPro® dissolves very easily in water.

Are there critical points in handling PeptoPro®?
The order in which ingredients are added is not critical. It should be noted that PeptoPro® has a strong buffering capacity, so the final pH of a formulation should be set after the addition of PeptoPro®.

In which pH range can PeptoPro® be used?
PeptoPro® is stable over a wide pH range (2-8).

How does PeptoPro® behave in combination with sugars?
Interactions between PeptoPro® and reducing sugars occur, resulting in browning of the formulation. The extent of browning depends on the water activity and type of sugar.

How does PeptoPro® behave in combination with sweeteners?
PeptoPro® can be used in combination with any sweetener, although the pH and thermal stability of the sweetener of choice should be checked.

How does PeptoPro® behave in combination with various acids?
The type of acid used does not influence the stability of PeptoPro® itself. PeptoPro® powder contains ~10% malic acid, which influences the pH and taste profile.   

What is the advantage of using a caseinate hydrolysate like PeptoPro® instead of intact caseinate in an application?
The solubility of PeptoPro® is much better compared to intact caseinate. PeptoPro® is transparent when dissolved in water, while caseinate remains turbid. Intact caseinate can only be used in a limited pH regime because of its low solubility around the iso-electric point. A protein hydrolysate can be used in the entire pH regime.